Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Passions are my Problems!

Have you ever heard the saying: Some people just work better when they are under stress.  I think this is somewhat true for me... maybe that's just a nice way of saying I'm a procrastinator! Either way, that's me!
Ok, a little bit about me (Sally)  I love to Blog and I love to try out new recipes (But they have to be easy, yummy & tried and true ones though). I also Love Crafting, photography - photo editing, cake decoratingreading to my kids and crafting with my kids...and for some reason planning large events. (call me crazy!)

I have 3 beautiful girls and a Uber hot hubby! :) Who LOVES his girls!
So I decided to combine everything I love to do and Blog about it... blog + Cook + Craft + Decorate + Design + Creativity & what ever else comes to mind!

I am an eclectic person and organization is not my strong suit, that combined with my creativity makes for a mess... sometimes. My poor husband will come home and can tell that I started a few different projects, recipes and played with the kids all day. (I have a problem with finishing things I start he he... I know you are laughing right now Ryan!) He usually ends up doing most of the Laundry because I can't focus long enough to get ALL of it done and put away! But he doesn't get mad at me, he just starts doing it!  
I love him for that!
I am pretty sure I have AADD (adult A.D.D. - if there is such a thing) With my "AADD" and 3 kids under 7 my home stays clean approximately 10 seconds, but it really does get cleaned daily, or at least every other day! LOL!
I need a sign that says:
My house was clean yesterday... Sorry You missed it!
I really do WANT to be organized and so sometimes I'll attempt to do a project that will "make everything better" but um.... did I mention I have a hard time finishing things I start?  Yeah, so that's my goal this year... to finish what I start!  If not for my sake... for my family's!  Good luck to me on that one!

So I hope you enjoy seeing all the different projects, recipes, ideas, and some of my favorite "other" things!
With me... what you see is what you get!  What ever I feel up to blogging about is what you are gonna get! But I will try to organize each topic so that those of you who DON'T have "AADD" will still be able to find what you are looking for... hopefully! :)

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